Mojang is now allowing Minecraft name changes.

Mojang is now allowing all Migrated Minecraft users to change their Minecraft display name.

How does this impact our Modpack?

In all honesty, This really doesn’t impact our Modpack. However, some mods store player names instead of their Unique User Identification Numbers. (UUID) This may cause some problems with these mods. 

A good example of this is the Arcane Pressure Plate from Thaumcraft. It assigns itself to its owner via username. A good way to fix this is to break and replace the plate.

While we can’t dictate that all mod authors implement support for this, We’re certain that support for this new system will come along very quickly.

To change your Minecraft username: Go to and log in.

News Update

The next major update for our modpack is in the works. Here’s what we’ve got to share so far…

  • The update is in development.
  • A lot of mods in the pack have been updated to their latest versions.
  • It will be hosted on v2.0 of the Technic Platform (See below for more info. Thanks! :D)
  • So far, we’ve added six new mods to the pack. (We’re not disclosing them yet though, Be patient.)

The BIG One: We’re pushing January 17th to be our deadline for this update.

Regarding v2.0 of the Technic Platform

We’re not entirely sure yet if the old Technic Platform URL (the link used in the actual launcher to grab the pack) will still work or not. We’ll do some testing on that and if it doesn’t work. We’ll post the new URL here, and on our Facebook Page.

V2.0 (The Digital Update) is now live!

A Nuclear Power Plant

Version 2.0 (The Digital Update) is now live! From Redstone to Computers, to Nukes! Here’s the change list!

  • Added ProjectRed
  • Added IndustrialCraft2
  • Added IC2 Nuclear Control
  • Added ComputerCraft
  • Added some Eye Candy to Minecraft’s title screen.
  • Updated Forge

NOTE: This update ships with a config file for the BetterTitleScreen mod.